The great Stan Lee, designer, screenwriter and creator of many Marvel Comics characters left us on November 12, 2018. Today we pay tribute to him by going in search of comic book villains who, like you, love Gambling .


The Joker is, certainly, the comic book character with the most obvious connection to the casino. The Joker made his first appearance in the very first Batman comic book in 1940, published by DC Comics.

The Joker, after being disfigured, looks like two drops of water like the character drawn on the Joker card, so the Joker nickname sticks to his skin.

His playing cards are his best weapons for committing all kinds of crimes. A deck of playing cards sharp as a razor, a jack – Jack – hidden in boxes filled with dangerous surprises or even the poisonous venom of Joker Venom … In short, so many weapons whose objective is not hazardous .

“The Joker is, certainly, the comic book character with the most obvious connection to the casino.”

♤ – LUCK

Chance is one of Spider-Man’s most popular enemies, he made his first appearance in The Spider-Man Web , published by Marvel Comics. Chance loves the thrill and the risk leaving your destiny in the hands of luck, hence its name!

Chance’s alter-ego is none other than Nicolas Powell, a professional gambler and very rich man who, to break the boredom of his daily life, decided to become a criminal.

His idea to add adrenaline to his life? Get hired by bad guys to complete special missions. Each mission is induced by a bet; if Chance does not succeed in fulfilling his mission, he loses the bet and must himself pay the people who hired him.

♤ – 8-BALL

A cross between an outline of a superhero and a sleepwalking alien, 8-Ball is a character from the Marvel Universe. His alter-ego, Jeff Hagees is a brilliant engineer working on a powered missile.

The stress required by this activity led Jeff to relax by playing at the casino, until he reached the stage of addiction and lost thousands of dollars. His solution to get back on his feet? He imagined the villainous 8-Ball and set up a criminal organization.

To make his transformation more real than life, he developed weapons akin to billiard poles, as well as a costume depicting a number 8 billiard ball. His final plan? Terrorize New York and steal money in order to continue playing at the casino.

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