Today, few online casinos do not offer a mobile version, whether through an application or the browser on your smartphone. But as a player, are you entitled to the same advantages to playing online from your living room or from the dentist’s waiting room? We looked into the matter to find out more.


Is Mobile Casino Gaming Better Than PC Gaming? Find out!

The Best Casino Games to Play on Mobile

The internet casino was born almost at the same time as the internet, so it’s been approximately thirty years that players no longer necessarily need to travel to cash the jackpots of the casinos on the best slot machines of the moment. .

At the very beginning, for the younger ones, connecting to the internet was incredibly tedious. The charging times were endless (and noisy), the prices of the plans were outrageous, and it was impossible to use both the phone and the Internet, since both used the phone jack.

“It is the flash version that rules the web today. A few seconds of loading and you can spin the reels with your fingers crossed to hit the jackpot. “

Hard to believe, isn’t it? In this context, the casino operators then offered software to download to the desktop of their computer for faster access to the games. It was called a lobby. If today this mode of operation still exists, technology has been put at the service of players.

It is the flash version which rules the web today. A few seconds of loading and you can spin the reels with your fingers crossed to hit the jackpot. The software is rather outdated, but continues to appeal to a certain generation of gamers.


Today, the real revolution is mobile. You know, our telephone is today the extension of our arm and nomophobia is a very real fact of society. The online casino is now invited to mobile platforms to meet the different needs of players.

If you don’t play particularly often, you can log in through your phone’s browser. On the other hand, if you connect very regularly to your favorite online casino MMC 996 Singapore, we advise you to download the application for more convenience… It’s a bit like the new age of casino software!

But in the end, playing on a computer or mobile doesn’t change a lot. Some casinos offer bonuses when you play from your mobile, but on the other hand, there are still a lot of games that are not suitable for the mobile format at the moment.

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